Alumni as volunteers and leaders are a powerful resource that can strengthen education and support the building of civil society for the next century.

Making friends, building communities

Recognizing the potential of alumni organizations and cooperative actions, Impactrics provides the tools and guidance including robust, customized metrics to support your educational institution to develop and deliver strong alumni relations programs to benefit the institution, the students, the alumni and the broader community.


Impactrics’ clients are universities, community colleges, secondary schools, and other educational institutions or programs based around the world working to provide a better education and to be more effective in achieving their vision.

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The Power of Alumni

Alumni volunteer. Alumni lead. Alumni give back.

An Increasing Resource

There are over 1,000,000,000 alumni ready to help strengthen education. The number is growing rapidly.


7,500,000 students are graduating from over 100,000 secondary schools in the U.S. this year.


There are over 2,000 post-secondary non-degree career and technical schools and over 4,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education in the U.S.


200,000,000 students are enrolled in approximately 17,000 colleges and universities around the world right now.


Your alumni base is growing every year - now is the time to create a strong alumni relations program that will build a foundation for life-long relations that support the institution.

The Benefits of Alumni Relations

Alumni will be the eyes, the ears, and the voice of the institution as ambassadors and connectors. They will contribute resources to campus life with advice and counsel. Alumni will attract students to the institution and strengthen the career services efforts of your institution.

For the Students, alumni will help your students connect to their next endeavor - to an understanding of the world beyond campus, to a network that establishes a career path, to a better career-life balance, and to a social network for a fulfilling life.

For the Alumni, a robust program of alumni engagement will provide a strong community based on shared experiences and shared values instilled at the institution. It will be a source of life-long learning, a way to give back to the institution, and an opportunity to serve the local and global community under the guidance of the institution.

For the World, alumni will be the educated contributors helping to alleviate poverty, support public health initiatives and address community needs. They can do this most effectively by working with their institution.

Your Institution and Your Alumni

Impactrics provides the tools and support to help you develop and maintain a successful customized alumni relations program.

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  Assessment and Analysis

Take the first step towards a more effective alumni relations effort for your institution or program by taking the Impactrics Assessment. Follow up with an Analysis to learn more about the key areas for improvement. New Assessment available for alumni organizations such as chapters too.

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Alumni Program Development

Develop your alumni relations and create a stronger educational institution by working with your alumni volunteers. Impactrics can support you with virtual or in-person consulting on all areas of alumni engagement including strategic planning, volunteer engagement, leadership development, program design, governance structures, and much more.

What We Do

Monitoring and Measurement

Measure your success and assess your programs on an on-going basis, based on customized priorities and mission. In addition, track your alumni engagement and leadership development. Impactrics will show you how.

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In order to have the most effective alumni relations program, you need to have robust systems and the best industry partners. Impactrics provides comparative information for CRM systems and Networking Platforms on its resource pages: Resources


Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are designed to compile and maintain information on alumni and institutional friends.

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Relationship Management Systems

Networking and Mentoring

Alumni relations is all about networking and facilitating bonds between and among alumni of all ages as well as students.

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Networking and Mentoring Software

Affinity Travel Operators

Bring an added dimension to group travel for your alumni through content provided by academic experts.

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Travel Operators

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Impactrics is a social enterprise with a mission to improve education through enhanced alumni engagement.