Aluminati adds information to Impactrics website

August 25, 2017 Kathy Edersheim

Networking and connecting are at the heart of alumni relations. Every school should have an on-line platform to keep its alumni connected to each other and to the school. How do you know if you should use a proprietary system, an open system such as Facebook or LinkedIn, or third-party software (or some combination)? While the answer depends on your alumni culture and your resources, it is crucial to research the options and decide based on current and anticipated needs. As a first step, look at the comparison chart of platforms including 360Alumni, EverTrue, Switchboard, Univibe, Vaave, AlumnForce, and now Aluminati as well as a list of other companies offering similar services on the Impactrics website Networking Software Comparison page.

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The information about networking companies is submitted by the company and is posted free of charge as a service to the alumni relations community. We strongly recommend that you undertake a full due-diligence of any entity before purchasing services. Impactrics does not have a financial arrangement with any software company and does not receive compensation from any software company. If you would like to submit information about a company, please complete the questionnaire at Networking Platform Information.