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January 4, 2018 Kathy Edersheim No comments exist

In the never-ending quest to engage alumni (and friends), there seems to be growing interest in affinity or shared interest groups. Considering that, how do you go about forming a successful, sustainable group that has impact? Check out the story of the Yale Alumni Non-profit Alliance at: Case Study

August 9, 2017 Kathy Edersheim

It’s time to pay more attention to international alumni and how to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them. International alumni often want to engage and have a lot to offer their educational institution. Read more about it at How to Engage International Alumni Effectively just published by Academic Impressions. Develop and better define your…

June 13, 2017 Kathy Edersheim

Hello World! Markets are global, education is global, and so alumni relations should be global. While most institutions have the majority of their alumni clustered close to campus or within their home country, there is a rapidly growing population of “international alumni” – graduates who returned home from studying abroad or graduates who are working…