Program Development and Consulting

Strengthen your alumni relations program
 More Engagement and More Impact

The work begins to implement and expand your program.


Building the alumni relations program has to be a collaborative effort of the professional team, the alumni, and the institution's administration.

Impactrics works with educational institutions to provide customized programming that addresses the specific interests of the organization and its alumni. Consulting is in person or virtual, any where in the world where it is needed.

Impactrics can help you  work with your alumni on all aspects of alumni engagement for institutional advancement including:

Mission and Vision

  • Mission discernment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Impact determination
  • Goal setting
  • Volunteer motivation



Structures and Leadership

  • Organization formation for the alumni association,
  • Organization of regional associations or
  • Organization of affinity groups
  • Board training
  • Review of governance policies
  • Organization of international alumni organizations
  • Leadership Development
  • Alumni surveys
  • Metrics systems
  • Create and work with 501(c)-3 "Friends" organizations



  • Presidential events,
  • Reunions and campus events/parties
  • Career overview events
  • Mentoring program structure and implementation
  • Ambassador programs
  • Social Media Ambassador programs
  • Volunteer engagement programs
  • Life-long education programs
  • Affinity Travel
  • Community support programs including Service travel and Day of service organization
  • Program effectiveness metrics


  • Branding
  • Communication strategy
  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Website content and design


  • Identification of software systems (see Resources)
  • Metrics and measuring program effectiveness (see Measuring Impact)
  • Alumni Leadership Programs for secondary schools

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Impactrics is proud to support activities with Future First Global's Back to School Week. Learn how your alumni can participate in this worldwide initiative.