Alumni Relations Assessment

Baseline and Benchmark Your Efforts
Start asking the questions that will help you build a stronger alumni relations program

Are your alumni engaged with the institution?

Do you have a well-structured alumni relations program?

Do you have a robust volunteer pipeline?

Are your alumni furthering the institutional mission?

Are your alumni organizations well-organized and engaging for alumni?

Build Alumni Power!

Assess your current alumni relations program to determine its overall strength and effectiveness by answering a series of questions carefully designed to address crucial areas of an alumni relations program.  The Impactrics Assessment is a quick and easy way to benchmark your alumni relations program and start to assess the status of your program. The assessment considers:

  • Data management
  • Communications
  • Organizational structures
  • Regional chapters and affinity groups
  • Programming, and
  • Metrics

Help to build the benchmarks and demonstrate the impact of Alumni Relations with the Impactrics Assessment! 

Data collected with the Assessment (Level 1, Level 2 and for Organizations) will create the first set of Alumni Relations Benchmarks that will:

  • Demonstrate the impact of alumni relations
  • Provide segmented peer institution information
  • Determine potential opportunities for your efforts
  • Help you decide how to allocate resources.

Complete the Impactrics Level 1 Assessment

to receive a score for your alumni relations effectiveness that provides a benchmark for further development. The assessment is free.

The Impactrics Team recommends that you take the Assessment at least once a year as a benchmark for the improvements in your program.

Complete the Impactrics Level 2 Assessment

for a more in-depth review of your structure and programs to determine potential areas of growth. If you received a score above 60 on the Level 1 Assessment or if you have strengthened a particular area of alumni engagement, use the Level 2 Assessment to track the improvement.

NEW! Your volunteer-led alumni organizations can take the Impactrics Organization Assessment to help them determine their areas of opportunity and how to be more effective.

Impactrics will provide each Assessment score for free up to twice a year (every six months) for each institution and once a year for each organization. It usually takes one business day to calculate the score.


Make the most of your Assessment results with the Impactrics Analysis - a dashboard that identifies your strengths and opportunities for further development. Go to Impactrics Analysis.