Building a Strong Alumni Relations Program

that best serves the institution, the students, the alumni and their communities

Finding Your Path to Success

How can you create a customized program reflecting the unique culture and the characteristics of your institution
and your alumni population?

⇨ Do you need to align multiple missions?

⇨ Are you working on motivating alumni volunteers?

⇨ Is it time to develop alumni leadership?

⇨ Are your alumni chapters and affinity groups effective and productive?


Learn from studies of emotional intelligence, behavioral economics, leadership development, and community building to create a dynamic and effective alumni relations program! The Impactrics system of alumni relations management will help you achieve success with your program - it brings a disciplined approach to the process through questions that guide decision making.


  1. Assess the status of your program and alumni organizations and determine benchmarks for your efforts. To learn about evaluating your program, go to Assessment. Or take the Assessment survey now (it's free!) at Impactrics Level 1 Assessment. Also available: the Organizations Assessment.
  2. Analyze the strengths and needs of your program and determine where to focus your efforts. Impactrics provides an analysis of your assessment score with a useful dashboard. Read about it at Impactrics Analysis
  3. Strengthen the identified areas of your program by implementing the right strategy using proven tools. Learn about how Impactrics can support you at Consulting and Program Development
  4. Develop robust metrics to monitor and evaluate your alumni relations efforts for volunteer engagement and impact. Read about the Impactrics metrics at Measuring Impact

The Impactrics approach is collaborative and discussion based, tailored to the mission of the institution and the needs of all of the constituencies, and designed to have measurable success. Impactrics will help you determine institutional priorities that can be best addressed by alumni as volunteers and leaders. We will facilitate the development of a strategic plan, the designing of a roster of programs of many types or advise on specific initiatives that address a particular interest. We help you find the perfect place to be at the intersection of institutional mission and volunteer motivation.


Learn about new ideas and trends in alumni relations through a variety of resources including participation in the alumni relations community. Find resources from Impactrics and others at Resources.

Impactrics provides all its services as a social enterprise to achieve its mission of stronger education to build civil society. We facilitate conversations about alumni relations through the website as a no-cost resource. We share best practices in alumni relations through sponsored conferences or for groups of institutions so that there can be cost sharing. In addition, we encourage providers to the alumni relations community such as software entities and travel operators to place website ads and be sponsors so we can undertake projects on a pro bono basis asking only for coverage of actual costs incurred for travel.

Alumni Power!

Our clients are universities, community colleges, secondary schools, and other educational institutions working to provide a better education and to be more effective in achieving their vision.

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