Measuring and Monitoring

"If you can measure it, you can manage it."

Overall, we have long encouraged alumni relations efforts on the assumption that they are a "good thing" and that it will lead to monetary gifts to the institution. Now it is clear that there are many types of significant benefits from alumni engagement ranging from career benefits for alumni to a better prepared leadership pipeline for the institution. How do we prove it? And how do we measure success so that we can determine how to allocate resources?

Impactrics can help you figure out what to measure, how to measure it, and how to act on the results.

Three types of Metrics

Impactricsx5 - A Customized Program Metrics

Your organization is unique and it needs a set of metrics that reflects the mission of the institution and the interests of the alumni.What do your alumni want from their engagement with the institution?

What impact does the institution want from its investment in alumni relations:

  • Stronger alumni leaders
  • Better institutional reputation
  • More international students
  • Better career opportunities for young alumni
  • More donations

...Something else?

The Impactricsx5 system works with institutional administration and the alumni to determine the most important types of engagement and the key areas of impact that should be measured.  Using our proprietary concept, we work with you to implement a measurement system that is informative and manageable leading to actionable results.

To learn more about this innovative and effective approach to measuring alumni engagement and impact, contact us at

Measured Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Development

Who are your best volunteers? Is there a pattern of engagement that volunteers follow to leadership? How can you build your leadership pipeline?

A robust alumni relations program is dependent on volunteer engagement and leadership that needs to be fostered over a lifetime. Impactrics can help  you develop a system to track volunteer engagement that manages your leadership pipeline and identifies potential leaders based on patterns of engagement and giving.

Volunteer engagement and leadership tracking is a valuable tool to measure the success of your engagement efforts and to support your efforts in building a relationship with individual alumni.


With the Impactrics Alumni Relations Assessment you have a start on a benchmark as to how your alumni relations program is performing relative to the industry as well as a baseline for tracking your progress.

NOTE on Software  and Systems

Measuring the outcomes and impacts of your alumni relations programs and efforts requires having a way to manage the data and analyzing it in a useful way. Many of the networking systems have internal metrics options and Excel can be used as well. Tassl ( has one of the most sophisticated systems available for tracking and measuring outcomes for alumni relations.