New Year, New Opportunities

January 3, 2018 Kathy Edersheim No comments exist

With information from over 50 institutions, data from the Impactrics Alumni Relations Assessment provides new insight into trends in alumni engagement. Every institution should consider its own priorities when determining what areas to focus on in 2018 however it can be helpful to understand what others are doing.

In brief, keeping in touch with alumni by maintaining good contact data and using it for regular communications are crucial and the areas of greatest success. This is reflected in the increasing number of CRM and networking software packages on the market. The next priority is programs that support students such as mentoring followed by a growing interest in metrics.

The new year is a good time to consider how your alumni want to engage and how they are willing to support the institution’s mission. Consider an alumni survey to better understand the needs of your alumni and complete the Impactrics Assessment (click here) to receive a customized report that can help determine areas of opportunity for you.

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