Impactrics Analysis



Now that you have assessed your alumni relations program, find out the strengths and weaknesses of your alumni relations efforts that underlie your Impactrics Assessment Score. You can use the Impactrics Analysis to determine the mot effective areas to focus on next. Some times it makes sense to build on strengths and other times it is crucial to correct the weakest area. The Analysis will help you decide what to do next.

Once you order the Analysis, it takes a few days to prepare the report. You can expect the report to be in your email within a week.

Impactrics is happy to work with you in developing your alumni relations efforts beyond the report. Feel free to contact us about further support at or through the Contact Us form. If you have the analysis prepared, the $500 fee will be credited toward any consulting fees.


Take the next step to strengthen your alumni relations efforts with an analysis of the Impactrics Assessment Score (Level 1 or 2.)