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The Resource pages on Networking/Mentoring software, CRM systems, and travel operators provide information as reported to us by the companies. The comparison charts are intended to help you decide which companies to contact when needing a particular type of service. Although we review the information, Impactrics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the comparison tables nor do we endorse any of the listed entities. We recommend that you undertake the appropriate due diligence before working with a vendor. We are happy to work with you on figuring out which entity best suits your needs.

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Relationship Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are designed to compile and maintain information on alumni and institutional friends from different channels including student records, the website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, social media and other forms of engagement. A well-designed and responsive CRM is crucial for an institution in managing and analyzing alumni and constituency interactions and data. Your CRM system should be a comprehensive contact system for your alumni base that includes personal information, engagement and giving history, leadership interests, and concerns.

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Networking and Mentoring Systems

Alumni relations is all about networking and facilitating bonds between and among alumni of all ages as well as students. Connecting alumni beyond regional associations builds a strong community based on the shared values of the institution.  Mentoring, whether alumni-to-alumni or alumni-to-student, is a supportive bond that adds value to the alumni affiliation. With today's technology, it is easier than ever to offer these benefits to alumni and students.

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Affinity Travel Operators

Educational institutions have the opportunity to bring an added dimension to group travel through the supplemental content provide by academic expertise. Alumni travel with their school for both the additional information and the social bond of traveling with friends. An institution can also build community by offering specialized trips for purposes such as service, singing, donor cultivation, or cultural appreciation. Yet, most institutions do not have the expertise or resources to plan alumni trips so they turn to operators specializing in affinity travel.

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Articles, Websites and other Resources

Here you can find information on a wide variety of relevant topics from leadership to program development as well as links to other industry organizations.