Networking and Mentoring Systems

Alumni relations is all about networking and facilitating bonds between and among alumni of all ages as well as students. Connecting alumni beyond regional associations builds a strong community based on the shared values of the institution.  Mentoring, whether alumni-to-alumni or alumni-to-student, is a supportive bond that adds value to the alumni affiliation. With today's technology, it is easier than ever to offer these benefits to alumni and students.

In order to facilitate these connections effectively, requires highly functional software that connects alumni to the institution, to each other and to students. This table provides a comparison of platforms with information provided by the vendors based on key areas of functionality.

CompanyUnivibe Network Pvt LtdCoherendz India Private Limited360Alumni, LLCMEVIASwitchboardEverTrueAluminati Network Group Ltd
SystemUnivibeVaave360AlumniAlumnForceSwitchboardAlumni CommunityAluminati
Target market10,000 - 100,00010,000 - 100,00010,000 - 100,00010,000 - 100,000100,000+
CRM capabilitiesYY
CRM integrationAll CRMs with APIs can be fully integrated through automated syncing with 360AlumniBlackbaud, RaisersEdge, Eudonet, Microsoft Dynamics CRMVariousYY
Platform managed by volunteers or a professional team?V/PPV/PVV/PPV/P
Custom branded websiteYYNYNYY
# of customer profile fieldsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Groups (Alumni, Students, other)A/SA/SA/SA/SA/SA/SA/S
CRM syncAll CRMs with APIs can be fully integrated with a custom programmed sync solution with 360AlumniFor alumni and students of a single institutionAutomatic data pull supported for Blackbaud NetCommunity, others
Social media updates LinkedInFacebook, LinkedInLinkedInFacebook, LinkedIn, and TwitterLinkedInLinkedIn
Subgroup systemYYYYNNY
Admin levelsYYYYYNY
EventsYes, publish and promote
TicketingMulti-price pointMulti-price pointMulti-price point
On-line paymentYYYY
Attendance trackingYYYY
Calendar of eventsYYYY
Add'l calendar featuresY
Job boardYYYYYNY
Mentoring matchYYYYYYY
LanguagesEnglishEnglishEnglish, Spanish, Add'l optionsEnglish, FrenchEnglishEnglishEnglish
Map featureYYYYYYY
Admin to allYYYYYNY
To segmentsGroup leaderGroup leaderAny userGroup leaderY, Admins, group leaders and group members
Email featureYYYYYNY
Mobile campaignsYYYY
Private messagingYYYYYNY
Implementation cost0, it is part of the first year cost$1 - $2,500$2,501 - $5,000More than $5,0000, it is part of the first year cost
Approx annual starting cost1000150025001788No
Cost structure$2,500/yr for nonprofits (including small groups within higher ed) $4,000 for K-12 $8,000/yr for higher ed/enterprise clients. Multi-school solutions with multiple sub-communities will be available in Summer 2017. We offer discounts for community colleges. The system allows for emails to all or some of the population
Upgrade costs includedYYYYYY
Included support time96 hoursUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
StatisticsWeekly Active Users, Monthly Active Users, Unique Logins, Mobile Downloads, Individual Page statistics, Impressions, Visits Any kind of statistics and reports from alumni profiles ; statistics and reports from engagement on the network ; and any other statistics that the institutions and alumni associations need to plan, assess and improve their operationsOur User Insight report shows the breakdown of activated and inactive accounts, number of valid emails, how many users have logged in in the last day, week, month, etc; and "power users" posting multiple jobs, joining multiple groups, attending multiple events, etc. An engagement scorecard will be available in Summer 2017, allowing our clients to assign point values to various activities to determine who their most engaged people are.Mean of contact Current working situation Professional wishes Top 20 - Work function, sector in current experience, Current position level, Skills, hiring company. Entrepreneur info. Company size Waiting period before the first job New users activated User updates Group activities Mentoring Demography Geolocalation Contributions Engagement Donations
Other informationAlong with custom web and mobile apps, we provide alumni engagement services through content for outreach and adding value to alumni interactions Vaave is a one-stop solution for all the needs of the alumni associations and institutions to handle all their activities at a single place.360Alumni is an easy to use, all-in-one solution designed to provide the full value of the alumni directory to our client's users. Our mission is to build their goodwill, and get more community members to provide more support to each other and our clients.Groups/chapters management system Surveys features Emailing / Newsletter Weekly or monthly digest Full Responsive platform Online directory Profile update campaignFully responsive platform. Customisable
Highlighted FeatureSelf Development & Mentorship for AlumniUnlimited SupportMulti-featured interactive map Reconnect with lost alumniAutomated LinkedIn career dataCan manage multiple types of mentoring that may require different levels of admin moderation under one system

Here is a list of Networking and Mentoring platforms for reference while we gather more information:

360AlumniAlumni PortalEasy AlumniMember365Univibe Network
AlmaBayAlumniMagnetFirsthandMobilize 2.0Viburnix
AluminatiAmbixGraduwayPlanet GRADwebALUMNUS
AlumNetAmixa Alumni Management SystemHivebriteSwitchboardWildApricot
AlumnifireDigital AlumniInTouchToucanTech


Here are some related resources that might be useful for you in your alumni connection and engagement efforts:

LiveAlumni - find your alumni on LinkedIn. You can read more about it at

2Actify - a course and program that teaches students, grads and alumni career seekers an in-depth, step-by step process on how to strategically network online.  They learn techniques and concepts that prepare them for attaining a rewarding career in their field of study, create career options for themselves, learn online communication and life skills for their future and how to "beat the job board jungle". More at


Inclusion in any of these lists is not an endorsement by Impactrics or anyone connected with Impactrics. We strongly recommend that you undertake a full due diligence of any entity before purchasing services.

If  you would like to submit information about a company to add to this table, please complete the questionnaire at Networking Platform Information. To place an ad on this page or website, email