Virtual Events Platforms

Alumni relations has gone virtual! From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and beyond, interactions among alumni and with the institution are through an electronic device. Meetings and events have to respond to the demands of the times as well. There are an increasing number of options for holding virtual meetings and events that are (almost) as engaging as being in a room together. Virtual events have a huge advantage in eliminating the need for travel and reducing the amount of time needed to be a participant or attendee.

Here are some of the latest options for virtual events:

On-line event platforms

CompanyBrazen Technologies
SystemBrazen Technologies
Target market10,000 - 100,000
CRM capabilities
CRM integrationY
Platform managed by volunteers or a professional team?V/P
Custom branded websiteY
# of customer profile fieldsUnlimited
Groups (Alumni, Students, other)A/S
CRM syncAll with set-up
Social media comp use login
Subgroup systemAcross events
Admin levelsY/booths
TicketingMulti-price point
On-line paymentY
Attendance trackingY
Calendar of eventsY
Add'l calendar featuresInstitution has visibility
Mentoring matchY
LanguagesEnglish, French, Mandarin, Spanish, sub conversations
Map featureNo
Admin to allY
To segmentsY
Email featureY
Mobile campaignsY
Private messagingY
Implementation costMore than $5,000
Approx annual starting cost0
Cost structure0
Upgrade costs includedY
Included support timeUnlimited - Account Manager as strategic partner, Customer Success portal, marketing consultant, weekly trainings, etc.
StatisticsTotal impressions, CTR, and any other standard site analytics around configurable-branded site Total number of user signups - entered email address to create account Total number of complete registrations All customized data gathered from registrants / broken down by data point (geography, industry, major, graduation year, etc.) Total number of resumes collected Marketing channel tracking links / clicks (Twitter, Facebook, Email Marketing, etc) Quantity report (number of registrants) per marketing channel Total number of attendees during the live event; event line report available Total number of visitors to each booth, presented by booth, by user, and/or by timeframe Total number of and content of comments and questions in group discussion feed (optional) Total number of one-on-one chats; total number of chats per user (mentor and mentee) Total number of follow-up emails and profile forwards (for events with representatives only) Length of each one-on-one conversation Amount of time spent at the event for users - user level or aggregate Post Event Survey sent to all users and compiled / aggregated for qualitative feedback
Other informationBrazen is a technology that enables our clients to hold online EVENTS. The events take place on a specific date and time, and connect participants (alumni, students, employers, faculty, parents, prospective students, etc) in LIVE 1:1 conversations.
Highlighted FeatureFacilitates meaningful engagement through live 1:1 conversations.

Other companies providing virtual event services include:



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